Focus Group Event

The Australian Catholic University (ACU) is hosting a focus group for the purpose of education. ACU would like to invite people from Cultural and Linguistic Diverse (CALD) background to participate in this discussion. All participants will be provided with a $30 shopping voucher, and are required to sign a consent form agreeing to be photographed/filmed.

The Focus Group event will take place at Questacon on 21st Nov (Saturday)

  • Age 18 to 25 – 10 am to 12 pm
  • 26 and above – 2 pm to 4 pm

Location: Questacon – King Edward Terrace, Parkes

Topics for discussion include:

  • Understanding person’s connections and relationships to their culture.
  • Cross Cultural differences in parenting practices, appriaches and beliefs.
  • Understanding culture, family cultural practices and/or religion.
  • Identifying language/dialect needs and assistance.
  • Family roles and gender issues and views on domestic violence.
  • Migration and settlement experiences.
  • Refugee experience including trauma as well as ongoing effects of the trauma.
  • Identifying and engaging community leaders and supports.
  • Accessing culturally appropriate and assessible services.
  • Help seeking behaviours.
  • How families perceive and respond to mandatory services etc, child protection and mental health services.
  • How do families and individuals deal with racism, discrimination and negative stereotype and the impact of these issues.

Please register with Alex if you’d like to participate, email to

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